Listening Section

The listening section was created by aggregation. It was intended to address the contextual sound creation linked to urban issues, social space and as well to political questions related to the listening. This process aimed at visualizing some of the networks and the different approaches operating when working this broad topic.

The community working in this field has built/curated this section as a collaborative process. To activate it some artists were invited to start simultaneously different columns for which they contribute a piece, and invite the following artist repeating the same step till reaching a fifth contributor.  

Column 1                         Column 2                                                     Column 3
Acoustic Mirror              Anna Raimondo                                         Edu Comelles 
Pablo Sanz                       Younes Baba-Ali                        Juanjo Palacios        Albert Murillo 
Katrinem                          Simohammed Fettaka         Chinowski Garachana      Raúl Hinojosa
O+A                                   Mohamed Laouli                       Camilo Cantor
Peter Cusack                   Mustapha Akrim

Some of the pieces were broadcasted in the programme that Self/Noise dedicated to it. Listen to it here: Self/Noise #4: Augmented Spatiality 

/////// Brief explanation of all the pieces ///////

Acoustic Mirror
Madrid #GlobalNoise #13O 
Duration: 5:01

«Madrid #GlobalNoise #13O» is a composition based on field recordings taken on October 13th 2012 in Madrid, Spain, during the «GlobalNoise» global call. For the city of Madrid this represented the, up to now, most massive act of occupying public space through noise.

Pablo Sanz
52°4'35"N 4°19'52"E 
Duration: 4:44

The piece is based on recordings gathered during the creation process of Transient Lapse, a site-specific sound installation in public space realized in collaboration with Juan Cantizzani for a pedestrian and bicycle tunnel in Den Haag in 2012. Assembled for Augmented Spatiality in August 2013.

go your gait! part21
path_of_awareness_braunschweig (excerpt)
Duration: 5:06

The liveliness of a city is reflected in the activities of its inhabitants: how, when and where they move around in it. Walking is the most individual form of locomotion in terms of its direction and speed. Sidewalks, pedestrian areas, traffic-free roads and squares are the public spaces most preferred by those navigating a city on foot, marking its pavement and paths with the pulses of their steps. 

The format path_of_awareness explores the personal experience of space while walking, especially the effective context of the built environment and a sound event (step) within. For path_of_awareness_braunschweig, I was using the Allgemeinen Konsumverein in Braunschweig as starting point and chose a route offering a wide variety of opportunities to engage with walking itself, characteristics of footwear, navigating cities on foot, and also with architectural and atmospheric space.

Rotterdam (Erasmusbridge june 2001)
Duration: 6:11

O+A (Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger) are using a special resonating tube for their sound installations. The "tuning tube" is placed at a selected spot within the urban sound environment and responds to the surrounding sonic input by creating an overtone series through sympathetic resonance. Harmonic intervals are emphasized while background noise is suppressed. Despite their musical transformation, distinctive sounds and noises characteristic of the urban environment remain recognisable - emergency vehicle sirens, the deep throb of trucks, dogs barking and human voices - all retain their unmistakable character.

Peter Cusack
Symphony of Groans, Abandonned Ferris Wheel, Spreepark, Berlin
Duration: 2:58

Spree Park, the abandoned fun fair of former East Berlin is derelict and overgrown. It is a spooky and intriguing place where decaying dinosaurs and giant swans eye you through the undergrowth. In stormy weather the magnificent and colourful big wheel still turns. How is not clear, but it seems that a strong wind is enough. The machinery is not in good repair and the rotation creates an amazing ever-evolving symphony of metallic groans and squeals. It is one of Berlin's most extraordinary sounds.

Anna Raimondo (*)
In Between
Duration: 6:04

The piece questions and re-imagines the relationship between private and public, looking for intermediate acoustic spaces. What happens when the surfaces of liminal spaces such as doors and windows become invisible, converting into sound?

Once recorded Sporobole art center’s doors and windows (fissures, hinges, surfaces) with different microphones and techniques to capture a combination of both recognizable and abstracts sounds, those sounds have been composed alongside the use of silence, working on the idea of the limen as the limit of the difference between private and public and silence as acoustic space in which the concepts of private and public inhabit simultaneously.

Younes Baba-Ali
Tout le monde s’appelle Mohamed
Duration: 4:00

Imagine a sound that can not only be issued, but audible to the listener and make the physical and react instinctively. Imagine a form of direct interaction is done through sound. This is the premise of this piece where the street, a voice calls in calling such Mohamed, an exclamation désigant any male person that we do not know the identity. A clear and brutal arrest which completes the handicaps of the radio medium where one can imagine the feedback from the listener. 

Simohammed Fetaka
The revolution of Sunday (2009)
Duration: 5:36

The Sunday Revolution is a sound creation which mixes a recording of the call to prayer with a call for change, in the wake of the Arab Spring. As the neffar blows on an instrument, he calls the faithful men to gather. Folk music is heard, a man in the crowd calls for change, it's a call to condemn corruption. The music starts up again, in the background this same man cries out his dissatisfaction, to which the men and women applaud. The feeling of dissatisfaction is unanimous; but change can only be initiated by the individual. One always responds to a call to come together in the spirit of gregarity.

Mohamed Laouli
Duration: 2:14

Change is a sound intervention inspired directly by the informal market exchange as a virus that links itself to the public space. In this work Mohamed Laouli has created a rhythmic dimension where two sounds (one of money and the other one of a broken voice that keeps repeating the word «sarf / change») are juxtaposed as echoes until they reach their climax. This sound piece is part of an experimental approach by the artist who observes the relationship of the individual in relation to the profit. In a context where speculation and fraud are common, the artist looks critically at the pseudo-organization that is the financial system, its feverishness and arbitrariness.

Mustapha Akrim + soon 

Edu Comelles
Silent Square
Duration: 3:46

The 3rd of June 2006 a convoy of Valencia’s subway network crashed at the entrance of Jesús Station killing 43 people and causing 47 injured. A public investigation flooded by contradictions and corruption was held by local government resulting in a oficial statement that said that the causing of the accident was a human error by the convoy driver who died on the accident. The Victim’s Families have been struggling for 7 years to uncover the truth, point out political responsibilities and present to the public the evident manipulation of the official investigation.

Every 3rd of the month, the families of the victims gather in Valencia’s main square (Plaza de la Virgen) to expose their claims, public opinion since then has been silent about this issue. After 7 years, a TV program called “Salvados” exposed the case on prime time and raised awareness on this case bringing lots of people to support the Victim’s Families on the 3rd of June 2013. This recording gathers the silence kept at Plaza de la Virgen the 3rd of June 2013, a silent homage to those who perished 7 years ago because of political abandonment of public transportation infrastructures.

Juajo Palacios
Mower Noise
Duration: 5:03

The noise of lawn mowers could soon be replaced by the bleating of a few sheep. In April 2013, four copies of Ouessant sheep took up residence in Paris File exterior n the 19th district, where mow and fertilize the ground. The project is an experiment to test more sustainable ways of maintaining the public spaces of the city, reducing the use of mechanical devices, which are noisy and consume fuel and plant protection products.

Chinowski Garachana: 
Acoustic mordor / atravesando el tunel de la Alcazaba
Duration: 7:20

In May of 2012 was held in Spain a general strike defending Public Education against the cuts. In Malaga, the concentration overflowed and became a demonstration of more than 5000 people that walked the streets of the city and went through the tunnel of the Alcazaba. 

Camilo Cantor
A cinco - los sonidos invisibles de la ciudad
Duration: 3:13

Music is everywhere; you just have to have the ears to hear it (John Cage). The city is full of horns, traffic and screams noises… these sounds are our everyday landscape but… Have we ever asked about the invisible sounds broadcasted by the electromagnetic waves of the devices we are surrounded by? This is an experiment and soundwalk made as a mixture of sounds recorded in the city of Medellín (Colombia). Some of them are daily experiences of the city, others arise from the recording of the electromagnetical waves of the space. 

* The column started by Edu Comelles has branched, besides the previous participants, the following branch also emerged from Edu Comelles.  

Albert Murillo
Playground slide
Duration: 2:24

This sound was captured with contact microphone this summer. Is in a slide of a park in Amsterdam, with children running up and down.

Raúl Hinojosa
Mari, que te quiero!
Duration: 2:57

The piece documents a scene of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter where I used to live. While some neighbors were celebrating a party, Ruben was arrested by hitting to Mari. During this process a neighbor tries to smoothe Ruben that screams again and again, desperately, that he loves Mari.  Meanwhile, the music of the party played in the background. This is a soundscape that witness the reality of the neighborhood.


(*) This piece by Anna Raimondo is an excerpt of the work the artist has been doing in the Sporobole art residency (Shorebrooke, Ca) for the project Vitrine Sonore curated by Philippe-Aubert Gauthier. Has been created With the support of the project DE.MO./MOVIN’UP I sessione 2013. Con il sostegno del progetto DE.MO./MOVIN’UP I sessione 2013. MOVIN'UP I sessione 2013. A cura di/by MINISTERO PER I BENI E LE ATTIVITA CULTURALI Direzione Generale per il paesaggio, le belle arti, l’architettura e l’arte contemporanee . Direzione Generale per lo spettacolo dal vivo E/AND GAI - Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani