Playing the Space

Exploration at Hökarängen

Everyone is welcomed to participate in this exploration; you are invited to join us with some sonic daily "urban" objects like rolling suitcases, coins, keys, phones, etc. Without forgetting your voices! All these actions will compose an improvised urban choreography.

What will happen if we treat the city as a playground? In its double meaning of playful events and playing instruments, a group of artists, architects, musicians, dancers and researchers explore the urban setting and situations by composing and recomposing its rhythms and resonance. Our artistic interventions start off with the daily experience of a voyage, a place or a walk, immersed in the common situation as pedestrians and citizens. By variations of those situations – interruption and breaks, by instruments and vocal expressions, transformation of common movements and events “out of place” – we transform the place into a playground. By the action we create new situations within the existing and established another awareness of urban qualities, limits, forces and meanings, that can serve both as descriptions of daily social life and practical tools for actions. 

In this intervention at Hökarängen, taking place in (and around) the main pedestrian street, we’ll explore the material and immaterial qualities of this space via an ensemble of simple daily actions. An “almost ordinary” choreography will take place where everyday situations will question this remarkable space, both in spatial and social terms.