Konsthall 323

Konsthall323: an artspace in a car. Founded in 2010 by Frida Krohn and Ylva Trapp.

Since the start we've used the potential of our space. Bigger institutions stand still in marble and glass we are flexible. Others serve espresso we have coffe in thermos. Other fills huge auditoriums, we have two seats for an audience. Others organise six-months-residencies, we give 100sek in gas-money and two days with the car.

We work from the concepts fast, fun, foolish and sharp.

So far we've made several site-specific soundinstallations, guided tours, three series of travelling conversations, taken part in a residency and organised our own residency, started a Kunsthall-café, broadcasted radio, been part of a Drive-in-sound-exhibition and done lectures and presentations.


Konsthall 323