Venues & Agenda


Pannrummet (The Boiler Room) has been activated by Konsthall C since the spring of 2011. It is a 200 square meter room, one floor down in the same building as Konsthall C. Additional public events have been organized in this former central boiler room, which once supplied all of Hökarängen with heating. This is an opportunity to offer a space with shorter planning periods and more open programs, often within the framework of the format Öppet forum (Open Forum). The Boiler Room is part of Konsthall C’s program for exhibitions.


Cigarrvägen 13 is a 30 sqm artist run space set up by the artists Ami Kohara, Frida Krohn, Hans Carlsson, Johan Wahlgren, Sebastien Berthier and Ylva Trapp. From 2013 onwards they have handed over the space to artists. They want to offer the possibility to realize a project or an exhibition, to arrange meetings, screenings, conversations or other public events. Address: Cigarrvägen 13, Hökarängen, Stockholm


Konstapoteket began as an art project taking place in part of an ateljé space in Hökarängen, the original idea was to provide a platform for lesser known and emerging artists working within the field of installation, film/sound and other conceptual contemporary art. Konstapoteket is a non commercial project set up as an antedote to the high gloss, high ‘fashion’ emphasis of a lot of the inner city  Stockholm galleries, this is an art project space rather than a selling gallery. Address: Sjöskumsvägen 4, Hökarängen, Stockholm 


The station of Hökarängen was designed in 1950 by Peter Celsing at the same time the neighborhood was being designed as a result of the Gubbängs-investigation, an urban planning competition. As part of the commissions of the Art Department of SL, in 2000 the artist Hanns Karlewski was invited to create a site-specific installation in the platform, consisting on color plates that were located along the platform to emphasize the station's architectural quality and the sharp and long curve  that characterizes the station.


Vävstolen is the tenants space in the neighborhood of Hökarängen. Address: Pepparvägen 9a, Hökarängen, Stockholm. 


Almost all of the shops in Hökarängsplan, the first pedestrian street ever planned as such in Sweden, have a narrow window shop. Almost all of them are empty. It was thought they were not very useful due to the narrowness of the space. However, after talking with the owners of the stores It was found that most of them did not have the key of the space, so that once achieved - with the help of Stockholmshem, these spaces could be used again from now on.


This cafe is run by Marta, a Colombian who came to Stockholm more than 30 years ago. It is located in Hökarangsplan. Inside, in addition to a cozy dining room you can enjoy a good conversation with Marta and a delicious coffee with cassava bread (pan de yuca) and other products from Colombia.